Tuesday, April 3, 2007

International theme for WPFD 2007 – Save journalists

Are they becoming an endangered species? Well, in some parts of the world – YES!

According to the New York-based
Committee to Protect Journalist, 580 journalists were killed in the line of duty between January 1992 and August 2006. Journalists are the especially at risk in conflict areas – in Iraq, 37 journalists were killed since the beginning of 2006 – but the CPJ and Reporters Sans Frontiers have also documented threats to journalists in countries with democratic institutions in place.

Read more from the
Unesco site.

The line-up

Great names have been forced...oops...invited to make an appearance at this year's fest.

Come and watch:

Other highlights:

  • Workshops on radio production, art
  • Book shopping with Gerakbudaya
  • Forum on talking cartoons with Zunar
  • D-I-Y t-shirts, stencils, silk screen
  • Live tv with malaysiakinitv

We are still talking to other GREAT people to participate...we'll keep you posted when we confirm their show.

Arts fest to mark World Press Freedom Day 2007

The Centre for Independent Journalism is working with malaysiakini.com and TroubadoursKL this year to celebrate World Press Freedom Day. So, what's that thinga..ma...jig?

Well, it all started in 1993 when Unesco got the United Nations General Assembly to proclaim May 3 as WPFD. Since then, countries, journalists and other interest groups have been organising celebrations to mark the day. This, year the world will
remember assassinated journalists.

Last year....
Last year, when the Centre for Independent Journalism thought about organising an event to mark WPFD, we realised that there were so few opportunities for independent bands to perform in KL. No thanks to certain quarters that think our indy bands are the source of the moral decadence in Malaysia, bands have a difficult time finding places to perform.

So, we decided to get them to perform for WPFD under the banner of `FREE VOICES', and what better place than Central Market. We're not bragging but I think 21 indy bands performing over the weekend in June last year was fantastic. Thanks to those who blogged about the performances –
Lainie, wastedtalent, Joe Kidd.

Broken Scar at Free Voices concert in 2006

Crowd at Central Market

This year...
We are expanding the celebrations a little. We are calling it the People's Arts Fest to feature all types of spoken and written words, illustrations and expressions to symbolise freedom of expression.

And we are back in Central Market and are lucky to be able to use their new and flashy stage at the main entrance.

So, come with your friends and family, take part in the workshops or enjoy the performances. While you're there, learn a thing or two about DIY activism, what's cool and what's not about freedom of expression and media freedom in Malaysia.