Friday, May 7, 2010

CIJ tells BFM radio what WPFD is about and why M'sia ranks low in press freedom

Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) Executive Officer Masjaliza Hamzah explains to BFM radio what WPFD is about, drawing as example some of the recent threats faced by journalists in Malaysia and where we stand in the world in terms of press freedom. On the prevalence of self-censorship in newsrooms, she explains how that came about (it's something to do with whom we elect as MPs - i.e. lawmakers and not longkang inspectors) and how detrimental it is not just to the public but backfires on the media owners themselves. She says the country has to take responsibility for its role in the low rank in terms of press freedom, and gives a few pointers for us to take going forward. Hear the interview in depth and detail here.

Blogger Walski, on media as a "race barometer"

Thanks, Walski! For blogging about the WPFD forum organised by the Centre for Independent Journalism's (CIJ). He says: "...what the media has to say about the health of race relations, and more importantly, how it chooses to report race-related matters in Malaysia, play an important role in shaping our own opinion with regards to race relations. “Reality” is many times shaped by how we view it." Read the rest/chip in here: