Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fweet for press freedom!

The theme this year is “21st century media: New frontiers, new barriers”. However, in Malaysia, old barriers, especially repressive laws, continue to hamper both old and new media from serving the public interest.

It’s time for the people need to stake their claim on new media and reclaim traditional media.

On World Press Freedom Day, show your support and make your voices heard in a Fweet (Facebook and Twitter!) in 3 steps:

1. Change your Facebook profile pic to a yellow ribbon (left) for press freedom.

2. Tell us, by answering our Facebook question: What are you doing for press freedom?

3. Tweet your answer, *and* ask our prime minister @najibrazak the same question, and include the hashtags #wpfd #malaysia

Examples of a Tweet:

For #pressfreedom, I’m lobbying MPs to undertake media law reform. What about you @najibrazak? #wpfd #malaysia

Utk #pressfreedom, saya akan menulis surat kepada pengarang menggesa pemansuhan PPPA. Anda bagaimana @najibrazak? #wpfd #malaysia

We deserve the media that we get. So let’s do something about it. Spread the word!