Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Shanon live at Central Market

Who can resist the charming, witty, funny yet superbly talented Shanon Shah, the winner of the Most Promising Artist Award at the 2003 Cameronian Arts Awards? Exactly, no one.

So, don't fight any resistance streaks there and just come along to Central Market on 5 May (Saturday) where we will be having a night of concert, with Shanon as one of the performers.

Shanon used to be a part of the Radiq team back in 2001 before he left for the "other side", but we are all so glad he's been able to do the things he love since then too, music and activism.

A good piece on Shanon back in 2005 in the Star can be found here. By the way, Shanon will be hosting this year's Cameronian Arts Awards. Cool eh?

Getting media coverage

Our press conference today was attended by journalists from, The Star and Sin Chew. We are hoping to get some coverage in theSun as well, so keep a look out.
"Ok, feed them well before they ask all the questions."

The p/c was conducted by Centre for Independent Journalism executive director Sonia Randhawa, Malaysiakini business development manager See Tho Chee Seong, TroubadoursKL artistic director Tan Sei Hon and Phoon Chi Ho of ComeBack Kings.

From left: Sei Hon, Sonia, Phoon, See Tho reported on the press conference this evening. The link is here.

Read CIJ volunteer Khor Hui Min's piece on the events that will be published in the Epoch Times here.