Monday, April 23, 2007

Mei Chern takes to the stage on 6 May

Mei Chern writes and sings mostly quiet and instrospective songs delivered with an earthy voice.

"I think most singer-songwriters or musicians who love what they do have experienced being in that magical place of utter contentment while performing; some call it being in the zone, while others call it being home...or maybe that's just me."
She first felt that while playing at a little student folk club in England, and later at NoBlackTie, Actor's Studio Bangsar, KLPac in Kuala Lumpur, Acoustic Routes in Cambridge, UK, and The Esplanade in Singapore. 'Feels Like Falling' was recorded in 2003, and went on to win the top download award on, 2005. 'Do you see me like you' was written for an award winning documentary called Alice Lives Here (Freedom Film Fest, KL, 2005), and 'My Time' was written for 'Twelve 11', a documentary on the collapse of the Highland Towers 13 years ago (Freedom Film Fest, 2006).
An experimental psychologist by training and a contributor for the Freespace column (The Sun), her songs can be heard on

Note: Mei Chern will be performing on Sunday, 6 May.

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