Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Talk on critical cartoons by Zunar

Political cartoonist Zunar will be having a special discussion on critical cartoons on Sunday 6 May from 5pm - 7pm at the Annexe@Central Market.

Zunar has published his collection titled "Cartoons on Tun...and others"

Followers of Zunar from his early days in Gila-Gila, Berita Harian and now Malaysiakini will be able to chat with him on the use of critical cartoons as part of their freedom of expression.

Speaking at the launch of his book "Cartoons on Tun...and others", Zunar said he does not draw merely for laughs.

“I don’t draw just for laughs. I draw so that people would laugh and think. I’d like to think of myself as a drop of water in the ocean but at least I am able to create a ripple or even a wave,” he added. (Excerpt from malaysiakini report)

Zunar's exhibits of some of his works will be up at the Annexe workshop area the whole of Sunday. He will meet his fans and have his discussions at 5pm.

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