Thursday, April 30, 2009

Media Under Najib Forum: Speaker Profile (Tricia Yeoh)

Tricia Yeoh

Tricia Yeoh is attached to the Selangor Menteri Besar’s Office as Research Officer. She graduated with a Bachelor of Business and Commerce in Econometrics from Monash University and a Masters in Research Methodology from the University of Warwick.

She was previously the Director of the Centre for Public Policy Studies, at which she now sits as Member of its Advisory Panel. At the CPPS she was conducting socioeconomic research and analysis on a range of public policy issues, including national unity, young Malaysians, budget transparency and development. .

She was also Asia-Pacific Regional Co-ordinator, acting as consultant to the Revenue Watch Institute, an international non-governmental organization based in New York, working on transparency of the extractive industry together with civil society organizations and governments in Southeast Asia.

Her current work involves working on research and coordination of policies to be implemented for the State of Selangor. This includes social and economic policies that require input and engagements with the private sector, academia, civil society and the media. Her opinions as political analyst have been quoted by a range of international media, including Al-Jazeera, Bloomberg, the International Herald Tribune, the New York Times, The Economist magazine, and local media including the Sun, The New Straits Times and the Star.

She has represented Malaysia in a number of international conferences, presenting papers on the issues of economics, human rights, transparency and accountability amongst others. Former columnist at The Nut Graph, she attempts to maintain a blog, but otherwise writes opinion pieces in local media when time permits.

She is member of the National Human Rights Society, HAKAM, and is founding member of Oriental Hearts and Mind Study Institute (OHMSI) and Revolution of Hope (ROH), the latter two organizations as bodies bridging the divide between intellectual public policy and Christian theology for the sake of national unity. Her ultimate objective is to build a mature and developed Malaysian society.

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